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About us

Ducere Advisory are about helping. We help individuals and families in business, to gain an understanding about themselves and others so that they can have healthier personal relationships. We help the humans in Family Business they are an integral part that can often be forgotten.

Ducere Advisory is a boutique Family Business consultancy. We assist families by creating bespoke programs and events, for our client’s individualised needs. No two families are the same, and we recognise that unlike businesses where there are a fixed set of rules and guidelines, these do not exist for humans and their business families.

A family business system is made up of a complex set of relationships involving the family, the owners, and the business. We will enable you to explore the role and interdependence of these component parts, and how to approach working with the system and  gaining a better and improved understanding to help you to advance.

It is important to have a holistic awareness of how your Family Business operates, where and when the family gets involved, how decisions are made and who makes what decisions. It is also crucial to understand that as with all other families, family owners will make decisions not just with their heads but also (and sometimes more so) with their hearts and that not all family members in the system will be business people. However, everyone’s voice carries weight and unless heard can lead to complications.

We look at what issues and challenges can arise and how to think about them. Alongside, how to recognise when there are problems and challenges relating to family relationship difficulties  that may get in the way and create barriers and when to call in external expertise for help.​

Family business can easily cause breakdown within a family unit. This in turn can lead to breakdown and complications within the family business. Maintaining happy and healthy human relationships is  fundamental in preserving successful family businesses.

All colleagues at Ducere Advisory come from a family business background with varying experiences in different areas including Coaching, Facilitation, Education, Family Studies studies & and Advisory, to name but a few.

Our knowledge cannot be learned from books, the skills we apply and the understanding we have comes from within. We appreciate, respect, and understand the complex relationships within a family or individual business and make a difference for our clients.

We also have an external team of trainers and advisors, including mediators, business, and financial consultants.

Making the impossible achievable through communicating knowledge.

Ducere Advisory Services

We assist families and individuals with a range of coaching, mentoring and support services.

Family Business Consultancy


Life Coaching

Designer's World

Training for Families and Professionals

Working Together


Brian Thompson

Brian is the founder of Ducere Advisory – a consultancy business which develops programmes to maintain family cohesion and smooth the path of succession. He is also an ICF Family Business Coach, a founding member of Family Hippocampus and member of

Brian focuses on the human side of family business, in line with his belief that external success is impossible without internal family harmony. 

He is Chairman of the Education Committee at his family business and sits on the Family Council. The Committee is responsible for nurturing younger family members, helping transition to the next generation. 

As well as the unique perspectives gained from his own position in a family enterprise, Brian is an experienced advisor to other business families globally. 

He has also spoken internationally at various Family Business events for organisations such as Camden Wealth, Deloitte, FBN Romania, FBN India, FBN Columbia, Sentry Farming, WM Nexus and Prestel & Partner; alongside, seminar presentations for various family businesses and private offices.

Brian has long recognised the need for people with first-hand experience to assist others in their family’s development alongside their business. Since establishing Ducere Advisory Brian has been developing a firm to help other families in business. There are plenty of advisors who are excellent at helping with technical and wealth advice, at Ducere Advisory we focus on the individuals within families, developing their knowledge and understanding. Ultimately leading to greater harmony, strengthening family bonds for generations to come.

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Ducere Advisory is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

M: (+44) 75 5218 2733

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